At A Glance

Let's make sure we vibe. We must be on the same page when it comes to the outcome of your session. There are so many types of photography, techniques, and editing. Is my style for you? Do you love those unposed images, the ones that make you feel?

If so, I'm your girl!

I am not a posed photographer

Images of everyone smiling and looking at the camera are just not me. I lead with emotion and movement. I feed off organic moments and use my creative nature to create depth in my images. I highlight those sweet in-between moments, the details of hair curls, clasped hands, and dirty feet. My posing style is not posing at all, but asking my clients to interact with each other. When shooting outdoors, I ALWAYS shoot prior to sunset. This is non-negotiable for me, because, well, look at these golden images! That is always what I strive for.

My process

  1. Reviewing the "At a Glance" page:
  2. You are here! This is designed to help decide if we are the right fit. Art is subjective, it's important that you choose a photographer that is in line with your taste.
  3. Invoice:
  4. Once we discuss a date and time for our session I will send out your retainer invoice. I require a $150 retainer to hold your date. Your invoice will include the date of the session as well as when the remaining balance is due (the day before your scheduled session)
  5. Questionnaire and Contract:
  6. After I receive your paid invoice I will send out my welcome email that includes a helpful what to wear guide. I will also send out a questionnaire that lets me know a little bit about your family.

Baby-led newborn session

I like to take a natural and organic approach to pose my newborn clients. Loosely posing babies in positions they were likely in "in-womb" or fall freely into on their own makes for a very laid-back newborn session. I use lots of layers, almost always wrapping babies, or putting them in a neutral-colored outfit. I always like to include mom and dad, siblings, and the whole family in your newborn session.