It's cold, so let's stay INSIDE

That's right, it's officially cold. Really cold, but that shouldn't stop us from creating and capturing!

Let's rewind to August. I (my husband) remodeled a 350sq foot space downtown Auburn, IN into what I would classify as absolute perfection. I may be a bit biased though. But seriously, it's everything I ever could imagine in a shooting space and more. It 1000000% encompases me, my personality, the things I love, the way I shoot, the tones I die over, and my overall photography style. We are talking 2 rich original red brick wall, 1 original brick wall painted white, wood floors, and a white shiplap wall and that's not even getting into the good stuff, THE DECOR! Oh yes, this part was all ME! Boho is my love language, but I also am a huge lover of neutral and organic tones. Think anything muted, and cream, lots of cream. Just like I like my coffee ;) When we finished the studio it was smack dab in my busy, outdoor, season and I honestly have yet to really get to ENJOY this beautiful space.

That's where you come in!!

I need you! I need your kiddos! While this space is amazing I do want to keep my family photography for outside spring, summer and fall dates, my space is set up for more of a 1/2 maybe 3 person shoot. I've never really offered milestone sessions before because A. I was never super jazzed on shooting indoors because of my past studio spaces and B. I. CAN. NOT. HANDLE. SHOOTING. IN. FRONT. OF.A.BACKDROP. It's just not me, I'm a mover and a groover when I'm shooting and nobody puts baby in a corner. When I thought milestone session, I thought very posed and in front of a backdrop and that's just not for me BUT THEN, my new studio came along and it put this spark in me that I can document your kiddos in my own way! Lifestyle! What does that mean?! These are not your look and smile poses (I will get smiles though I promise) we do not put hands on our knees, look up at the camera in a perfect 45 degree direction. Nope. I let your kids do their own thang. We jump on the bed (yep I got one of those in their) we laugh, we tickle, we play with toys, we look out the window and wave to the traffic. We just hang out, and the best part, it really captures them, and their personality.

So because I don't have self control I also decided that what better way to introduce this new service than to buy a ton of boutique clothes so the stress can be even more less on YOU. I have a small selection now that are both boy and girl and will fit anywhere from 3m to 3t. This is just an add on bonus, and the clothing really goes well with the studios environment. I am more than happy to help you style your kiddo, I have tons of sites that I love that have the perfect look to complete the whole vibe.

A few items from the client closet

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